Challenging Conventional

Process Design Methods

EnviroMix announced today that its BioCycle-D™ Aerobic Sludge Digestion Process will be installed at the Benton, Illinois WWTF. The BioCycle-D system will be installed as part of the new 1.65 mgd facility, designed by HMG Engineers, Inc. and constructed by River City Construction. The facility’s aerobic digestion process, utilizing BioCycle-D, will provide for sludge treatment and stabilization. BioCycle-D is a unique process which is designed by right-sizing the diffused aeration system....Learn more

EnviroMix Sets New Standards

Our cutting-edge, patented technology offers comprehensive processes that enable treatment plants to operate more efficiently while meeting the growing demand for nutrient removal for the water & wastewater industry. Our mixing equipment systems create solutions that provide uniform mixing, save energy, greatly reduce operation and maintenance costs, and help solve nutrient removal challenges.

Our control technology allows optimization of both advanced treatment objectives and energy. Because of all this, we have advantages over our competition that our customers value.