The BioCycle™ process is an automated mixing and aeration system that operates on real-time process parameters or a time-based control system. This patented process integrates the BioMix™ compressed gas mixing system with a facility’s new or existing aeration system to be optimized for biological phosphorus release, simultaneous nitrification/denitrification, and alkalinity recovery in a single reactor.  By decoupling the aeration and mixing functions with a process control system, operators can now utilize existing basins flexibility to control Dissolved Oxygen (DO) levels, taper aeration, and cycle between aerobic and anoxic phases.

Features & Field-Proven Benefits:

  • Energy Reduction
  • Retrofit conventional activated sludge processes, oxidated ditches and aerobic sludge digesters
  • Reduce filamentous bacteria
  • Reduce the level of nitrogen in the aeration tank and recover alkalinity
  • Improve settleability of solids in the clarifier

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