The BioMix system provides rigorous mixing for a variety of applications in the municipal and industrial markets. The system utilizes a patented product design with proven components to fire short bursts of compressed gas through nozzles attached to the bottom of a process tank. Electrical power requirements are very low, consisting of just the power required to run the gas source and the electronic BioMix control panel. The control system provides operators the ability to modify the mixing intensity and location based on specific operating needs, thus gaining efficiencies in air consumption and power usage. Case studies have identified the BioMix system as having a 60%+ reduction in power usage against the leading submersible mechanical mixer in comparably sized applications.

Features & Field-Proven Benefits:

  • Significant energy reduction
  • Uniform mixing in basins of any geometry
  • System scalability by leveraging compressed air supply to efficiently mix 40 tanks
  • No moving parts in the mixed liquor – all key components above the tank level
  • No maintenance of in-tank components

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